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maintenance of electrical heater and vacum

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Maintenance of electrical heater

There are two types of heaters
Called radioactivity which is reflected from the wire given thermal
And the second 
Called Transferred or oil shale and the heat is giving mobile across the conveyor thermal barrier does not see Item Thermal Directly which is used to secure the constant temperature of the room
And type for the first several forms depending on the type of element Thermal
1 - wraps the stainless wire rod who thermal tiles
2 - Cylindrical Job of silica glass tube, which is more expensive and also from the heat given in a shorter time and also to change but it is easier to hang faster
There Mdavo a fan to ensure the distribution of heat in the room
The second type
Preferably always buy Alnmazj with the internal thermostat that regulates heat and protects the heater
How to maintain and repair the heater
1 - Cleaning 
It must be cold and without polishing or rubbing tube
- Removing the outer cover
B - Directed cover key determining heat thermostat
C - Removing the screws into the hands of clouds
D - the separation of the cover wire
E - the ignition key and the key to determine the heat thermostat from behind
And - Entrance electricity and boycotted the increase in electricity and thermal element
2 - change nutrition cable for electricity 
Due to the length of use and increase the heat and frequent stomping on cable to electricity the lead to cracking they shall be changed do not advise maintained by
3 - Change the thermal element
If we wish to change the thermal element must first measure the length of Ki we get the equivalent length
Some companies use the usual special number to cut prefers purchased by the number listed in the device
 maintenance of the vacuum

 maintenance of the vacuum cleaner pat 2Examine the important and large faultsAlways make sure before you start examining and maintenance especially large faults that cause an imbalance in the electric vacuum cleaner1 - Maintenance PulleyYou must make sure first of a special pulley where it passes transmission belt and if you notice it is outdated do to replace them here mention that the direction of rotation of the fan is the opposite direction of rotation of the screws2 - Removing the engine maintenanceRemove the base and hood and then Pettmiel

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