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maintenance Bidet and Bathtubreform

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maintenance Bidet and Bathtubreform  

 bidet considered a special form of washing basin (basin face) and riding on the earth and its purpose wash the lower parts of the body. And riding upon a similar water mixer shower mixer where water can be directed either by or about the edges by Sprinkler rookie (shower) directed to those parts of the body to be washed.

The drainage is similar to the way water drainage in the bathtub and common faults in Sriq Alipidah and Bathtubs are similar, and are summarized in the blockage of the stream of water or slow drainage and repair this defect used lashes wiring rubber as a first step as mentioned in malfunction drainage basins and the second step using chemicals.
And if there is no wiring, uses a hose to pay a large amount of water(Wastewater Complex) zipped wiring (zippers snake). But in this case Tschzm the back of any of the direction(Wastewater Complex) to discharge slot where he is usually the disbursement of these tools Using Blall a ground cover. If the embankment fall after Albulall. Can also use zippers snake in Tzleckha until matched with the main drainage pipes.
Bowl Ring with rinsing and a single Bowl Siphon. Double Bowl Siphon. And rinsing Bowl Ring in their work depends on the driving force of water impelled of expulsion Fund. The Bowl Siphon single, or dual sword, it relies in its work on the theory of vacuum. As for the discharge relates Bowl pipes the exchange via the link of steel or plastic powers, and set up Bowl seat of wood or plastic

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