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How to maintain and repair a vacuum cleaner

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How to maintain and repair a vacuum cleaner
1 - Simple screening business
If you did not pull the machine dust well first make sure that the dust bag is reconfigured If was reconfigured then offload the immediately because it hurts the work of God
2 - if it does not work Broom when electricity arrived and pressing the power button, it shows that the circuit holidays and income of the bag so you must check the electrical source of nutrition
3 - either the change in engine sound or low efficiency of the machine, it indicates that the transmission belt Qdtakl
Change the transmission belt
1 - Remove the front cover
2 - Put the broom on its side so you can raise the conveyer belt transmission
3 - Increase your axis, using a piece of wood into the front aperture or by dragging the same transmission belt
4 - Remove the fasteners at both ends of the axis move during noted the position of each jaw installed to return it to its place after the end of the maintenance
5 - Install the new transmission belt in place and make sure that the axis spins freely then Twist transmission belt anti-clockwise and then heavily on the pulley and proven Magmt the بفكه promising cover into place
Repair of wheels
Make sure they are moving freely as can be played arrangement a simple
Dust bag
Check the bag and watched carefully floppy and special links to make sure there are no cracks

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