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maintenance of the vacuum cleaner

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 maintenance of the vacuum cleaner pat 2
Examine the important and large faults
Always make sure before you start examining and maintenance especially large faults that cause an imbalance in the electric vacuum cleaner
1 - Maintenance Pulley
You must make sure first of a special pulley where it passes transmission belt and if you notice it is outdated do to replace them here mention that the direction of rotation of the fan is the opposite direction of rotation of the screws
2 - Removing the engine maintenance
Remove the base and hood and then Pettmiel the vacuum cleaner to its side and the free base after being untangled the cables, which is established here shows a pair bolts on the edge of the slot fan Remove the two screw then down 2 fist slowly toward the base and then lift the hood
3 - Carbon Brush
Remove the zest and carbon so that loosen the screws that is established and then drag it around Alaay then examined and if you notice that they are obsolete or smaller in size, or that the contact surface became small do to replace them
4 - bearings
That Albernges the dilapidated risk to the ongoing work of Lists and causing increased engine heat
Check the Albearnges both on alone and start Balalouet the usually what can be checked or eye rotate slightly and moved right and left around on the revolving If member heard the crackling sound during rotation must be replaced
5 - Maintenance Group engine

If the engine was slowly rotating, that evidence of the ongoing failure Lists either if accompanied a sensation with the engine, that evidence of erosion in Albernges or break-in fan
Should be marked on each end of the wire and it even goes back to the appropriate place after the end of the maintenance and repair process
Do oild or Grease thebearings pre-installed
6 - how to take care of vacuuming
1 - empty the dust bag when filled with two thirds and preferably be changed on a regular basis even though يتقادم not
2 - Clean the broom and remove the accessories while not willing to use
3 - Ilah oil gently and according to the manufacturer's instructions
4 - Avoid large objects or suction acute, such as pins and needles, tweezers

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