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Interior plumbing and sewage works

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Interior plumbing and sewage works

First exchange purlins
 First must be equipped bathroom floor before making the exchange rate and that isolating well Lachish tar and mount it on the wall at 15 cm

And If we  inventory the existing bath we will find basin and tub and bath base, his hands and washing machine
Exchange are grouped all of the basin and bathtub, bedet and washer on the ground and siphon Used pipe diameter is 1.5 inches and siphon ground distracted on the exchange Mounor column 3 inches in diameter and would prefer not to spend directly on
Exchange column but by his elbow revealed door to easy wiring and maintenance
And be Mkhrkh siphon terrestrial higher insulation to the floor bathroom and preferably work pod wall Illuminator to go through it outrigger exchange siphon floor for a column exchange and this bursa a piece of pipe thickness wider than outrigger exchange Siphon and length so that the display wall Illuminator and prominent 2 cm from the finishing wall Almnormen outside and inside the bathroom prominent Alhat the 2 x

The base 4-inch pipe bathroom ceramic top 5-7 cm or 10 cm but preferably be from 5-7 cm
To be a great tendency helps waste disposal
And preferably also the work of the pod wall Illuminator exchange for al-Qaeda and also preferably not thrown on a column base exchange work directly but through his elbow revealed to the door wiring
And the base of the bathroom are two types in terms of the exchange type is purely directly on the Illuminator called base toilet letter p and another kind is far from the wall Illuminator is purely on the outrigger 4 inch flooring until it reaches column work and does not prefer the use of this type in the upper floors, and when used out of necessity must be fall bathroom tile from 15 to 20 cm and 10 cm no because mile ink in this case must be 2 cm per meter

Bathtub Exchange

In exchange Bathtub preferably be Siphon Aosrvh place place accessible to him any to Siphon ICON next to the wall, if it is possible to facilitate maintenance thereafter preferably also use siphon copper and not plastic for durability
And riding Bathtub himself Bmnsop of 35-40 cm of ceramic for easy entry and use

For Panyu also take into account the presence of edges for the walls so that the edges inside the ceramic distance of 1-2 cm and Aabad for ceramic distance allows water to seep between the bathtub and ceramics
Also preferably around the bathtub filled with sand soft clean liquid instead of mortar, because the sand can be pressed without leaving gaps and sand because water absorbs heat when you do not use the crack Bathtub body in the long term and also to easily change the bathtub when needed
He notes that the top edges of the bathtub formation on the balance and not awry because the ground itself is designed Askew Bathtub
After installation of the bathtub is sure to spend it when Siphon fill the bathtub with water and leave it on and see the link Siphon
In the case of Asnamal Jacuzzi bathtubs and that Mathur circuit take into account the very existence of a party's legacy of electricity to leaking any electricity may occur for refused result Contactless the water

Exchange bath tub
Take into account that the level of exchange at 50 cm from the ceramic

Well as washer Exchange 50 cm

So there is to distract the bathroom directors to siphon flooring outlet plugged sink and bathtub Bidiyah and the washing machine and a way out of the base of the bathroom

And shall be the focal points of purlins exchange floor at an angle 135 and not perpendicular or a sharp angle for easy exchange and the possibility of wiring
When you install for flooring supplies to Ayuda mortar to contact places to while ensuring the safety of connections

And then to make sure the seams are filled for water supplies and review places and repair the leak links if any

Then cover the entire mortar pipes and filling all the openings with a cloth or burlap even to Aatserb impurities inside the pipes and this is very important

And preferably have been the completion of routine business of conch bathroom ceiling and paint before work purlins exchange to reduce workers' incomes and broken pipes

Either kitchen Exchange be separate because it is far from the bathroom and also take into account the work of the wall of the pod Exchange and kitchen Exchange 2 inches and distracted on the exchange column and preferably also by his elbow revealed door for maintenance

Urinals Exchange

Drainage outlet 50-55 cm of ceramic

And taking into account that the be exits exchange for pools completely Aoualemtabkh header

Bathroom Appliance feed

Bath tub

Bath tub have a height of 80 cm from ceramics and takes place fed Bmkhrgen to a height of 50 cm and preferably 60 cm and because it it mixers such as Gacop or hand Mixer by dedicated link to the mixer (URL words of hose metal flexible) until it is used and does not work the other link
And shall be directors and two Sukhon and cold distance between them not exceeding 12 cm and it aesthetically even be behind the column, pelvis (in the case of pelvic column) as well as pelvic knee this if it will be used mixer tree any outside of the aquarium itself and the usual Lama if he will be installed mixer Normal wall higher pelvis Vmnsoph higher pelvic 20-25 cm

Feeding the bathroom or Alipidah base

Words of directors the first Shattaf on the level of 40-50 cm of ceramics
The other director to siphon the bottom of the first base a distance of 20-25 cm
And shall be a vertical line connecting between plumb filmmakers just the aesthetic and the hand away from the base exchange a distance of 30-40 cm for ease of use
And take into account the good that the level should be level with the level of director ceramic future by placing القده the ceramic and imagine the level and the level of ceramics Bihddh and there are no obstructions to the wall and anchored the wall

Bathtub feed

Mixer Bathtub Bacon top Bathtub distance of 25-30 cm and if was Bathtub level of 35-40 cm level of the mixer can be calculated from ceramic
And shall be directors Bathtub Afiqian-feeding completely and the distance between the X-directors of 15-17, preferably including an average 16 cm to the presence of Rgelash to mixer can be controlled
And take into account the good that the level should be the level of the mixer with the level of future ceramic by placing القده the Imagine levels Alaramek and ceramics Bihddh and there are no obstructions to the wall and anchored the wall

Sink feed

50 cm of ceramic and has a spigot subject her Bsboz has washer hose

Geyser feed

Attributed 140 for ceramic heater if electricity
And Bacon attributable 110 if gas heater to take into account the presence of chimney or Hobby Bacon height 45 cm and Beraay distance between filmmakers, hot and cold for the installation of 12 cm Alush nickel

Feeding foot tub

Mixer on level 90 cm ceramic and taking into account the above for the installation of the mixer

Feeding urinals

One exit on the 120-125 level of ceramics
It shall be the connecting line between the drainage outlet and nutrition my head completely

Feeding the kitchen sink

Kitchen sink level 90 cm of ceramic and topped the mixer a distance of 25-30 cm, taking into account the in a blender foregoing either if the mixer out of marble and kitchen suit falling within Alrkhamh nutrition with the level of exchange 50 55 cm

The experience of receiving the nutrition supply walls

Observed a pressure test on three stages as follows
First, fill water pipes through the machine test starting Pauty point a way out water siphon expulsion any blade machine test outlet siphon expulsion and after the entry into force of the water is shut filmmaker, one after another after the withdrawal of water from Btabh appropriate until we get to another exit, the highest output is used to feed the heater located on level of about 140 cm and is close is the other Bdoba suitable

The pressure is raised to 9 Air and review all links
After 15 minutes the pressure is leaking and bringing it back to 9 Joey for another 15 minutes and then leaked to zero again
For the third time the pressure is raised again to 9 Air for five minutes and thus ends the test and treat any defect to be discovered

Important Note
Are not taken to remove Tabat leave pending the completion of finishing work
When installing the devices after finishing leaks are reviewed shows and treatment

And taken into account in the case of the use of galvanized iron pipes that are isolated wrapped Boukich Moktrn and be galvanized supplies and are colored metallic-colored, not Black either feeding tubes Mounor prefers to be iron and is painted Balbremar not be plastic, they are affected by the sun and occurs cracks

General Information

Plumbing pipes of PVC and propylene

Pipes the pvc, consisting of three elements, namely carbon nitrogen, chlorine

There are kinds of pvc upvc cpvc

The UPVC are the same as the PVC and the letter u explain it is to Dinh used in cold drinking water only and drain pipes of procedure where it to اتتحمل temperature
As the cpvc indicates the letter c to where he is no chlorine higher density which gives it the highest heat resistance up to 103 degrees so used to drinking warm water pipes

Overall, upvc used to exchange
The feed water use cpvc or at least pvc
These types used type of alkylation in connection parts and preferably warm for U.S. alkylation German

There is another kind of expensive pipes in the price called propylene
It is the best parts are assembled with special welding machine

And take into account the formation of this bath oil pipes and not used flame
And taken into account as well as when you connect these pipes to enter intoTail in the head, and we know by then pull out about 1 cm when pasting to exist Distance to expansion and contraction


The words of a water barrier is placed in the distance between the exchange column and the manhole to prevent the stench of connected devices exchange column which all devices except the base of the bathroom are directly relates to the Chamber of Inspection


Buildings about 60 sizes 60 60, taking into account the depth that this will be on the floor Concrete buildings thickness of 10 cm from all sides and must form a manhole ground mortar soft for easy exchange

Ventilation pipes
Used for buildings multiple roles and their toilets all Dorvoq some on a column one business and function working on the presence of air inside the column exchange even ايحدث dump air when you use one of the toilets are pulling water flush toilet, which underneath and the presence of air as a result pipe ventilation to cause air discharge
The ventilation pipe is placed on work or exchange column is higher than the highest level toilet and have a diameter of 2 inches
Any pipe that ventilation function to prevent the vacuum process and draw water from the toilet and not siphon any ventilation function to prevent odors drainage pipe

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