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Learn Plumbing household and maintenance

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 Learn Plumbing household and maintenance

How many times was where fights marital due to some simple things relating to the house and its tools,such as disrupt shower and clogged sink, and reliance on the call themselves specialists in order to reap money for the management of your affairs home, and the most prominent figures, which some believe we can not do without them are working in the profession "plumbing" despite the fact that the problem in most cases do not require external intervention because it is simple, and you can manage on your own, so let us help you and your husband teaching you  some household plumbing skills.

There is no doubt that crashes shower an exciting time for the nerves, especially if your spouse wants taken it pigeons daily is in no hurry to go to work, and suddenly find that the "shower" does not work, this could give rise to anger and makes his day is different, but probably not find must quarrel with you due to negligence or something like that, in this case Behavior act and one which is to contact those who own thing, but you clogged shower calls your Plumber connection to give him at least 50Dolar to fix it!!

What happened to the shower interpreted simple, this blockage is caused by the accumulation of mineral deposits, which made up with the passage of time with the flow of water that need to be cleansing on a regular basis, yet neglect to accumulate and lead to the clogging "shower", but you can get rid of these deposits without the help of anyone as long as that your home is not free from "vinegar" instead of using chemicals that cause serious damage, and you

1 - Strip off the shower head and put them in a saucepan filled with distilled vinegar so completely Immerse and stoking the fire after much coverage.
2 - with smoke billowed from much leave it for long enough to get rid of sediment, Ancla shower of water to wash it, both to make sure of obtaining the required hygiene, theninstallation of and You will notice speed of the water flow.
Also the loss of water from the tap is common to all homes, but actions in these cases vary from one person to another Some can fix this leak skillfully, and others asking for help plumber, and from there only to close the valve water as a kind of laziness, and form the negative is not aware of the value of water get used to her voice without any reaction, with all cases must act immediately and it is very simple and not, as some believe.
1 - Work Tools: You will need to accomplish this task to: (a wrench "your control and capture nut" - a screwdriver - Knife high - Sophie wire - "key English" - cleaning cloth - rubber rings "Taps own")
2 - Before you start you need to close the water supply or "valve" to disconnect the water completely before beginning work, make sure you get out the rest of the water before removing the tap by opening it.
3 - jaws nut head tap key FA, ​​it is best to measure the size of the nut first and set them before you start in the jaw.
As in the case of default the jaw can facilitate the task through the use of a key link from the bottom to the jaw and ease of installation.

4 - after decoding the tap, Strip off the old rubber foreskin with your hand or with the help of the edge of the screwdriver in the event of default.
5 - using the wire mystic do clean well foreskin rubber area and scanned with a clean, dry cloth to become clean and shiny.
6 - you do install new rubber lashes and appropriate in size for fit tap inclusion of which prevent the deposition of water, but if you feel that the size of a large rubber you can cut a small piece of them with a knife to fit the space required, and then tap my knees again and set it the same key.
Avoid embolism

And get used to the housewife to deal with things related to plumbing Statistics such as Clogging basin, water pipes, sink or toilet, but may worsen these problems and are difficult to overcome and need in this case to help the plumber cliver to control it and do not even pray to this stage and avoid you the work of some of the steps preventive that your avoid exposure to such situations.
== In the case of clogged sink a tad hot water from the tap water or boiling water at once to melt any fat, then fills the basin in the last time stopper tend to leave the water rushes strongly once.

== For avoid obstruction not need to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but after cleaning of food crumbs.

== do cleaning filter tap small boat it from time to time when you feel the lack of water flow.
== Clean the toilet water tank twice a year, during which do closing the water valve, and let the water flowing profusely it once, then added detergent inside of the tank with a small amount of residual water from inside, then use a brush or cloth for cleaning.

==To ensure the flow of water in the bath tub or "bathtub" and not Clogging placed a piece of cloth tightly to the refinery until the cavity is filled with water and then remove the cloth to find the water flow smoothly, clean the stopper from time to time and below to avoid the formation of sediment.

== Avoid dumping diapers, hair or any waste in the toilet, there is no need for pouring hot water in the toilet so as not due to cracking, but in case there is a leak of water under the toilet, you need to examine the pipes of water related to the tank of the toilet or hollowed out, and if there are no traces of water on the the earth around the pipes all you need only raise the toilet and loop mode new waxy around.

== For more security there is no need to suspend any or tool rack for decoration above the toilet, and not get rid of dirty water in the toilet to avoid anything that it contains or other fabrics.

== To maintain the pipes and valves of rust, Paint it the oil from time to time.

== To find out water leakage in the "bathtub" When you shower, you examine them installed shower walls of the existence of cracks or the emergence of ceramic abroad.

== When traveling or away from home for a long water valve should be closed.

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