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How to eliminate unpleasant odors in your home

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 How to eliminate unpleasant odors in your home

One of the most embarrassing situations that guest comes to you and Jade smelly in your home, the time may Pay Most Expensive Price of purchase can save you from this smell .. If you suffer from this problem, here are some solutions without prohibitive costs:
Kitchen kingdom
If you find an unpleasant odor in the fridge, you can take these steps

1- Put a piece of coal or a piece of potato or a little vinegar or a little coffee or sodium bicarbonate in a small vase in the middle shelf of the unpleasant smell.
2- empty the refrigerator of all the contents of each period and well wash it using a cloth and warm water with the addition of drops of vinegar or sodium bicarbonate or lemon juice.
3- Put two or three tranches of white bread on one of the shelves in order absorbs odors refrigerator.
4- To be put clean food in the refrigerator, such as vegetables and meat so as not to affect the smell.
5-  coverage of acrid-smelling foods so as not to affect other foods and spread in the refrigerator.
Pour off the unpleasant odors:
1- Put a little bit of ammonia to the expulsion of household insects from around the litter box and to overcome the smell of garbage.
2- To hide the smell of pungent broccoli and cabbage during boiling add a piece of bread and a little cumin to boiling water.
3- run hood when cooking with strong flavored foods such as: seafood, onions and garlic.
4- Clean the hood on an ongoing basis Valdhun outstanding fan affect the efficiency in the absorption of odors.
5- To get rid of the smell of spices in the mill grind out a bit of toast.
6- Use a citrus fragrance spray and cleaning kitchen surfaces.
7- If you do not remove odors inside the microwave inside modes in accordance with its mixture of water and lemon juice in the middle and Ohalah on high heat for five minutes.
8- If there is the smell emanating from the slot drainage basin kitchen Put Cuba of antibacterial liquid discharge into the slot and leave for a day and then rinse with water the next day.
9- Put the amount of coffee powder for some time in the slot discharge reduces fat deposits inside.
10- To get rid of the smell of frying my little cup of chlorine near the pan and will absorb the chlorine smell of the oil.
11- Sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate powder for a night out on the carpet stains that cause smelly It helps in the absorption of this smell.
Aromatic kitchen:
1- Put the slices of orange and lemon peel in an open pot, or put some cloves and cinnamon in a bowl with water shall be published in the kitchen Burner smell.
2- If you want your kitchen smell of the national cake to burn a few of vanilla on fire.
3- Put a little sugar and a pinch of cinnamon in a metal pot and put it on the fire and will become your home smell of baked goods.
Innovative ways to perfume your home:
4- Put a few of your favorite perfume on a home bulbs extinguisher then Lighting it and spread fragrance throughout the house as soon as luminance.
5- Clean the internal sac electric broom well and then add a little bit of any aromatic prefer it oil in each the tumble broom time Satatr your home.
6- clean window Air Conditioning home well and then sprinkle with your favorite perfume, it will spread the fragrance throughout your home.
7- To perfume your bed Bring Old Mattress and Soak it in rose water and a few of your favorite fragrance and then dried and Put it under the bed mattress.
8- Make sure the presence of flowers and plants in different parts of the house to find a fragrant smell constantly.
9- You can add drops of essential oils like lavender soap and water when scanning flooring.
Bath home Manual your Cleaning
10- Make your bathroom clean and dry permanently.
11- Put drops of lemon juice and white vinegar in the water to rinse the bath base eliminates odor.
12- change your own trash bag bath every day in order not to accumulate garbage inside and a foul odor.

Smart bathroom odors

1- Put drops of oil of your favorite fragrance in the expulsion Fund gives a nice smell with each session.
2- You can put a perforated tray of sterilization bathroom Gel in expulsion Fund and thus eliminate of odors in your bathroom and you get a sterile bath for a month.
3- Put leftover savings your Boukhah 'and after cleaning Bathroom Dress spray on the walls and floors.
4- To decorate and perfuming your bathroom at once Bring a glass jar and put out by a group shells and add a little water and drops of essential oil a favorite for you and so you made Burner appliances will pass effect for three days and you can strengthen smell the fragrance by adding hot water to the mix.

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