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How to avoid frozen water pipes

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Frozen water in the pipes
Of the problems faced by people in countries with very cold weather to freezing in winter freeze the water in the pipes where lead to an explosion of those pipes that carry frozen water and thus will cost is repairing pipes or replaced altogether a lot of expenses and this is in addition to the disruption of access water to homes and other problems caused by the water flow stopped, and that may not necessarily relating to domestic use and that could have been avoided if been followed ways to solve the problem.
In the first step you can take to solve this problem, you must replace pipes that do not bear the pressure caused by freezing water somehow able to do so, and it depends on the material used in the manufacture of pipes, which must bear the pressure on the internal aspects of the pipes and in the next step should be pipes somewhere away from the cold as if they are under the earth's surface and in the post there must be a link between the weather forecast and supervisors to pump water to households who work in companies are working on a water pump in the event of arrest predicted freezing, the pump hot water if possible, and thus the possibility of burst pipes close to zero and the wearer can avoid maintenance costs that can be conducted after each incident freeze.

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