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How maintenance leaking water from the expulsion of the toilet Fund

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Fund expulsion it,s which receives water and ask, in the toilet and is controlled feeding Siphon with valve water control in the locked so-called float valve, which is a buoy floating control faucet in order to maintain the level of water inside the siphon.
In the case of lack of water level in landing buoy with Siphon water level then moved the float arm down and the piston moves her arm which open water from the outlet pipe nutrition Then compresses water to flush filled to the desired attributed, which can be controlled adjust the arm buoy.
Siphon breakdowns:
1 - continuous leakage expulsion from the Fund to the toilet and be the reason for this float valve or stopcock expulsion, both inside the box.
If the reason is the float valve, this infusion of high water level inside the box to leak out of the overflow pipe.
To determine the cause of the defect raise the float to the top If you stop the flow of water to the fund, it means that the float does not rise in expulsion rise fund sufficient to completely lock LED should be noted that the level of water in the fund expulsion should range between 3-5 cm below the end of the overflow pipe.
Before starting the reform in the closing angle valve that feeds the Fund then empties the Fund and that the expulsion of water from it. And are starting in Blackjack arm control if they were made of copper arm is bent down in order the lock float valve in the appropriate situation to the height of the water inside the box If the plastic is used screwdriver to adjust the elevation angle of the arm.
Another possibility is that the ball float filled partially with water for the presence of a hole by making it do not go up enough to lock valve Blackjack In this case, being replaced Hate new and if the water leakage, the reason for this is damaged lashes valve and to change the foreskin is decoded valve and withdrawing Staple using Abannsh then raise the float arm and is replace the foreskin another of the same type and installation are reverse steps the jaw.
If the reason is expulsion valve must first valve seat ugly drying cloth and using emery paper can smoothen the surface of the seat and try it. If you do not stop water leaks can be caused by lack move the ball Fund. Easily when the water level falls and anchored on the valve seat In this case, testing the work of guide wires was the fact warp or corroded
2 - Relegation amount is appropriate may be due to the low Blackjack To remedy this situation bent arm float to the top or seizure, if they are plastic in order to be allowed to enter more quantity of water to the Fund may be cause blockage in the slots out water, toilet and here to be cleaned brushing or wire .

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