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how to maintenance Waterproofing of stopcock bad smell

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 how to maintenance  Waterproofing of stopcock bad smell
If there is leakage of water from the valve odor leads to the emergence of unpleasant odors may be caused by one of the following

    A rusted or corroded fittings.
    You may notice and Godaua├║q in the trap odors and when you make attempts to Wiring it of Doubt in the presence of the growing backlog of metallic materials inside the trap odors.

In both cases the previous two, the only solution is the installation of the stopcock Perfumes (siphon) New and possibly the emergence of the need for the installation of the tail (extension) of a new pipe. There are traps odors in the shapes and sizes of specific (considered valves form of P with patterns roller most popular types) and is linked to parts of a set of links sliding, and trap odors Model S there frequently in older homes - The model P is the most common now because it takes a smaller less, as well as its appearance, which exceeds the model S.

And traps odors are made of different metals of copper may be plastic and galvanized steel is chrome plated valves smells the most expensive but longest-lived.

Important Alert
Before starting any work of the Ad Hoc valves closed to the work area or the main valve chapter, and then open the faucet long enough to drain the remaining water in the pipes.

Change stopcock smells P:
Sold valves smells in the market as a whole and with its own imports, as well as connectors Almgulwzh connectors themselves.
Must be put in a bucket or an empty vessel under the stopcock smells old and want to get rid of it before proceeding to work, and then we begin to solve the stopper hole cleaning in case of presence and traps odors, either be fixed in the form of a letter P, which is the length of a continuous pipe-shaped P or made up of part-shaped curve for then they are together elbow-shaped P.
At adhesive in resolving the links connecting the stopcock of the hard type odors P to each of the tail pipe drainage and that reach the stopcock smells rotor (shaped curvature l) to the crankshaft elbow. Take off the stopcock smells of the place. The stopcock arrived fussy form P rode links and imports new installation to be above the tail Albalo
In both cases use key envelope the Bill - the drainage pipe and conducted a the link cubitalis, Cover Snail with drainage pipe with a chemical compound for stuffing pipes then Link interface cubitalis (elbow). Place smells valve in place and then proved links when ends by hand ... Use the key cabbage with adhesive tape to tighten the link ... Note in during the installation process and maintain connectivity links body and imports so as not to damage the impact of key teeth. Reopen the valve, then check all the connections to make sure there is no leakage of water.

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