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Waterproofing of expulsion Fund and how to fix it

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Waterproofing of expulsion Fund and how to fix it

If found to fund the diversion of water from the parcel inside the toilet be caused by the following reason
1 - blackjack stopcock
2 - stopcock expulsion

If the reason is to trap buoy this infusion would be the high level of water if the water flow stops to the fund, it means that Blackjack does not rise in expulsion rise Fund sufficient to lock the valve completely and it should be noted that the level of water in the fund expulsion must be between 3-5 cm down Nhadakhal the Fund to leak out of the overflow pipe and determine the cause of the defect Lift the float to the top of any surplus pipe.
Before starting the reform angle valve closes, which feeds the expulsion Fund then empties the Fund, and that the expulsion of water from it. The settings are starting buoy growers if they were made of copper are seconded to the bottom in order to arm you lock the float valve in the appropriate situation to the height of the water inside the box If the plastic, is used the screwdriver to adjust the elevation angle of the arm.
- Another possibility is that the ball float partially filled with water due to the presence of a hole by making it do not go up enough to lock valve buoy. In this case, the buoy ball is replaced with new ones.
If the water leak continues, the reason for this be the result of damage lashes valve. To change the foreskin valve is decoded by withdrawing Staple using Abannsh then the lifts Blackjack growers. Is replace the foreskin another of the same type and installation are reverse steps the jaw.
- If the reason is the stopcock valve expulsion. Drying must first valve seat (valve) with a cloth and using emery paper can smoothen the surface of the seat and try it. If you do not stop water leakage. This could be the result of the inaction Fund ball easily when the water level falls and anchored on the valve seat and in this case the test business directory wires, may be by Curvatures or corroded work can be observed experimentally. It should be noted wiring installation method before dislodged, after which it is installing new wiring in the same way

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