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Replace the damaged tile in your bathroom

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Replace the damaged tile in your bathroom

The most prominent folk restoration work any paved surface replace the slab cracked or broken. In spite of the hardness of the surface of the tile, possible Balthqq the result of poor repeated use, and in most cases, leads to weakness in the resulting slab cracking with time, and the fact that replacing the tile is a relatively simple process, can be completed without harming any of the tiles
Remove old tile

In some cases, rising Almtzerrh slab from its place easily, but in most cases need to be some fraud spite of the fact that the only broken slab of cement, which proves tiles severe stiffness

    Drew cement the Balblath Ocean broken by abrasive cement marker and passed the blade through the joint force. Be careful not to harm the neighboring tiles parties
    Create a number of holes in the surface of the broken tile to break and weaken it. Put protective glasses to protect your eyes from the volatile fragments.
    Use the hammer and chisel broken slab methods, and beware of stitches chisel head in the wall surface. Since parts of the tiles are removed gradually, it becomes easier to install Chisel lifter behind the parts to be removed. Always put safety glasses while doing so.

Install new tile
Compared with the process of disarmament Broken tiles, install new tile considered a relatively simple task, and the fact that the replacement of the tile is a good reason to retain the proper number of tiles after the end of each project instead of tiling ابتياع appropriate slab later.

    Use unfair to make sure the removal of all traces of cement and tiles from the wall parts, so you get a relatively smooth surface to receive the new slab.
    Proven cement on the back of the new tile and snap it in gap with caution.
     Place springer over the new tile and adjacent tiles to make sure they are all in the same level, and put the new tile amended before the cement dry when necessary.
    Enter the pieces in a vertical spacing with the surface of the tile to keep the necessary distance on the new tile. Once dry cement, remove the pieces and fill the void spacing with white cement

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