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Refrigerator breakdowns and ways to fix it

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 Refrigerator breakdowns and ways to fix it

Refrigerators exposed to a lot of problems and faults and because the presence of the refrigerator is indispensable for any home of homes, especially in the summer and that the refrigerators of the multiple functions and very important to this dealt with in this article some of the faults that may be exposed to the icebox

1 - some faults may occur in the refrigerator because of a cut in the wire which reach Altaymr the
May be a problem only in cutting Balslak or may be Altaymr the need to change and are discovered through a test run after changing the wires and we will discover if there McCann problem in Altaymr that or not

2 - there is no damage in key Cab leading to the high temperature of the cab or fall dramatically and are being treated by changing the key and a test of experimentation

3 - there has been some damage in the thermostat, which leads to the high temperature of the freezer and this happens for several reasons, may be the freezer bulb lit continuously or be a fan freezer there is damaged or corrupted in the heater etc.

The validity is tested and check thermostat bulb key and also check the heater or fan and other Change the damaged ČÇÎŃ New

4 - the accumulation of water inside the freezer
We do screening for the propeller and engine repair faults that do and perform proficiency testing beyond.

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