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- Operating breakdowns. The washing machine does not start any program and the bulb is not shining statement:

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- Operating breakdowns.
The washing machine does not start any program and the bulb is not shining statement:

1 - the washing machine does not arrive electric current:

1 - You must first make sure from the electrical source and by a voltmeter or any 220-volt bulb test the output of energy or key if the index does not move voltmeter Vattl the outside of the washing machine. But if you move the pointer or lit bulb. Open the top cover of the machine and test a stream on Rozath sides of entry. If the index does not move the device in this case, it means that there is a chapter in the grasp of or damage to the cable connecting the washing machine.

2 - Power key is damaged. Should be measured by the current time at the source of entry and again after exiting If the cursor moves on both sides of the entry and moves on both sides of the exit in this case, you must change the key.

3 - Do not close the door of the washing machine is good or damaged door key It is possible to make a bridge between the terminal or if Bmschen a must to make sure that the bridge between the l party and party c.

4 - Do not close the drawer soap well (in some models).

2 - bulb illuminated statement but the washing machine does not start any program:
1 - the door is not closed well or damaged door key (in the Chamber to which the statement bulb connected by key)
2 - neutral gear-party (n) is disconnected and in this case it is possible that the bulb lights up the Lighting weak statement, but there is no potential difference and therefore did not start any program.
3 - Do not close the drawer soap well (in some models).
- Do not pull the washing machine water, but when you move your hand Agra Altaymr-start another program Kalasr or run expulsion Pump:
1 - the lack of tap water source or closed.
2 - filter hose login or filter completely blocked valve.
3 - the source of the water is very weak (weak pressure).
4 - LED does not work in this case it is possible that the LED is corrupt or not is received stream make sure first of the arrival of power on both sides of LED at the beginning of any program laundering and the development parties bulb or Voltomitr on both sides of LED and connect the power to the washer If no pointer moves the device or not Bulb shining in this case, there is a separation of the LED circuit, make sure you touch the key pressure point (11-12) if it has separate pressure switch must be changed, and if the probability of damage to the conductive own touches Altaymr point valve In this case, you should review the circuit.
5 - If the lit bulb or move the pointer voltmeter Does it mean that the circuit sound and the LED is that by the holidays and can test LED by Alaomitr after separating limbs and must be given the resistance value in the range of 3000 ohms on average if the LED works on 220 volts, if not given reading, it means that the LED separate file (or burning) and must be changed with a new one

4 - the washing machine works well but takes a long time until it reaches the level of the water to the desired attributed and thus prolonged the time of the end of the program.

1 - The existence impurities Pflandkherthom the Awalsmam
2 - pressure Mealmusdredaev the Oalhanafihgar open for the latest 
3 - some of the holes in the roof blasted the soap drawer in this case must unpack the hard part of the drawer and clean well Slots and this happens a little bit, especially in the case of using the soap has a large foam

5 - water down over the other box is required:

1 - In this case you should first learn whether the washing machine containing more than one valve or washing machine Bhasmam and one machine gun 

2 - In case of whether the washing machine operates more than it means that the valve each valve output continued to a certain box if you switch hoses coming out of the valve to fields that will happen holidays
3 - the possibility to have one to many messes wire connected to the valves and valve instead of parties elsewhere
4 - If the washing machine containing one valve and must reset the machine gun spray arm status on Agra Altimr of 0

5 - zipped tensile growers spray on hate bad Altimr or non-existent.

6 - Clean the soap tray ceiling guns.

6 - washing machine emptied the water without circulation pump expulsion and thus continue to pull the water?

1 - hose expulsion of at a low level.
2 - Do not tighten the pelvic hoses hyphenation of hard to some parts Algsalhmthel the pump water from entering the soap drawer to Hilla fixed.

7 - keep the amount of water in the flower box dimension expiry of the program:

1 - the water pressure is weak.
2 - Cleaning Up the stairs and absorbent.

8 - water enters a washing machine is Mtsalhbaltear:

- Joan entering the water valve is damaged.

- Washing machine filled with water to a level lower or higher than required and thus washing out is clean:

1 - primarily responsible for determining the amount of water inside the washing machine is the key to the pressure, if the water was up to a higher level of probability of the presence of a simple vent hose pressure switch is usually a result of not linking Khartoum well by Alkolah allotted. If the well-linking Khartoum and the same happened it is possible to shorten the holidays Khartoum and the suspension of a key in a place less pressure rise.

2 - If the holidays continued pressure switch must be changed with a new one.

3 - If the washing machine filled with water level is less than required it facing screws Rgelash the pressure switch can be tuned to a certain extent, but preferably change cain

Not to dump any amount of water or water discharge occurs, but not fully

In case if the engine is running, but do not occurs Taatfrig the water, there are several cases.
1 - rotating shaft without moving the vane pump or badminton fins broken, and in this case must unpack of students, and can be change Badminton another that you find, or change the entire pump.
2 - The existence of barriers to prevent the entry of water into the pump cavity In this case, the filter should be cleaned.
3 - barrier prevents water out as a result of severe reduction drainage hose or to the edge of Khartoum adjacent to the drainage pipe.

In the case of the pump engine does not work
1 - You must first make sure if it was up on both sides of the file stream engine time expulsion program or not.
If it does not reach you should check with your current pump expulsion.
If the voltage connector between the two parties and the engine does not start rotation and also does not happen any sound, the probability:
1 - Alawvrlod located above the engine file is corrupt "in a permanent separation," in this case is possible to make a direct link between the two ends.
2 - its engine file separate and must be re-wrapped or change another, or change the pump is complete.
In case if the pump does not start engine rotation, but the happening probability voice:
1 - Palace between the engine rolls, any burning must re-roll or change it.
2 - damaged engine bring "change with a new engine"
3 - There is nothing inside Tjoyev pump prevents the free movement of badminton (such as pins).

10 - Do not disconnect the washing machine After the program Antihae and re-program automatically again

1 - the private Altaymr contacts operation and suspensions autosampler damaged or adhesive.
2 - damaged cam for these points.

11 - the washing machine does not empty the water and complement the program with the same dirty water:

1 - primarily responsible for discharging water pump is expulsion, if it was not up to current pump and the engine can be tested by placing the two parties voltmeter on both sides of the pump drive and run the washing machine to put the parcel, if the cursor does not move must review the circuit.

2 - But if it was up stream and the engine pump does not start rotation does not happen a voice in this case could have Alaovrlod textures to file engine pump disconnected and can be tested by Alaomitr and if disconnected from the possible connectors together (in this case, there would be no way to protect the file If the temperature rose Event will burn), but if there was a separate file setting calls to re-roll (see expulsion Pump) or change the pump

- Primarily responsible for discharging water pump is expulsion, if it was not up to current engine
Can be tested by placing the two parties to signal bulb on both sides of the pump drive wire and run the washing machine to put the parcel, if not bulb lights up, it means that he is no malfunction department must review the circuit.

3 - As if Lighting bulb, it means that that holidays Baltalmbh the same, it could be:
A - pump engine Mzrzin (Qafsh).
B - feather pump is damaged or broken.
C - Drive pump himself on fire .. and must be changed with a new one.

13 - the washing machine does not expel the water, there are two possibilities:
A - If the engine Altalmbhihdt voice does not start rotation:
- Possibility of damage Fetch (engine must be changed).
- The presence of thing impedes rotation vane pump (pump and cleaned decoder).
- File burning pump drive (re-roll or change).
- In pumps that contain magnets on a moving member normal (Fan) possible weakness magnets or water to leak part of the rotor.
B - If the engine Altalmbhedor not happen expulsion:
- Vane pump broke.
- Feather pump unresolved (Do not X Tdorma engine).
- Severe reduction in the drainage hose.

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