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Maintenance Taps Plumbing home

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Maintenance Taps Plumbing home
We all have our house within inclusions Nutrition Network and Drainage (plumbing) taps may be inside the house or in the garden and prevent leakage of water out and their need for maintenance will inevitably occur in this article we will see how we can make maintenance of the taps different types ourselves without the need for help from a technician Sanitary Wares (Plumber).
The first thing that draws attention is the occurrence of leakage of water from the faucets and these are the first things in the home maintenance as it is frequent and do not require expensive special expertise, as to accelerate the reform provides a lot of water and you should not wait until the problem does not worsen.
The general rule when doing any maintenance work or combinations of the network nutrition and sanitation is that we lock valve public of the apartment before the start of work and there are at least two common types for taps in terms of the external shape, they can either be hand-wing (or hoop) or however Kabshah (cover).

The method differs jaw and installation of two types where necessary decoder hand Alkbashh in the second type is done either to lift the lid by hand or using screwdriver.

After lifting the lid is decoded nail install Alkbashh using the appropriate screwdriver by type of screw head

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