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Maintenance Plumbing apartment steps

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Maintenance Plumbing apartment steps

Must lock stopcock architecture before starting in the stopcock decoder apartment. Usually the stopcock the apartment has been installed using the for Accor assembly where conducted immediately after the stopcock apartment in order to facilitate decoding valve, as well as decoding pipeline to replace a damaged part of it.

Therefore you must start Lacour assembly first. This using Faransawy key or key English if I could not be used to run the Central nut (large) in the direction of the jaw (counter-clockwise) or down if the pipe line horizontally. After decoding nut assembly compilation of shows us both partial compilation of so that it can decode the caller Stopcock after work Linking tool to exclude this part away from the counterpart and complement humorous (and if you can not use the key Faransawy in the jaw due to the lack of space is used kirosen or Abannsh Alclabh). Then FAFSA nobility and valve.

Accor has been used to compile my (Angesro). It is a long age and bushing nut Znq bolts barreled also be longer than usual. So you must first unpack Alzenq nut until the end of the screw on the pipe using key Faransawy then untangled fuss. The key is used to decode the fuss England (key Billh or Key Astelson).

To do the installation of valve new sensitive to first know the direction of the water - and there is usually an arrow on the body valve determines the direction of water - as you should test work valve before installation and that the closure valve and then blowing mouth in the direction of flow of water and supposed that there is no vent air if valve works efficiently . And should wrap Alostabh (hair) or Teflon tape or paste on plastic bolts valve at the entrance to the water and nobility at the outlet of the water, as well as links to other pipes. Until the water does not seep through the outer surface of the bolts. It should be noted places roses rubber (Alrondlat) or roses Alfber in during the jaw. And changed Brondlat or Feb response from the same size during installation.

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Change tap
Before you make your jaw must lock the apartment first valve and open the tap to drain water from the pipes.

And stop decoding method and replace the tap on the place and method of tap installed if the vehicle directly on the pipeline they are usually installed in sleeve or elbow. To make the process uses Faransawy key jaw and wrapped in a counter-clockwise.

The installation of the tap new must first clean the screw procedure of the bushing or elbow or the T (his instrument) well and then used Alostabh hair or paste plastic tape or Teflon and wraps on the bolts tap new and that has been damaged tap by hand in a clockwise direction and connects well with the key Faransawy then open the tap and tested after open the valve apartment.

If the tap vehicle perpendicular to the pelvis (kitchen or laundry) in this case is decoded link nickel, then loosen nut using the key barreled down the basin, and is lifted Tap Up - bearing in mind the caution so as not to break the pelvis - and are cleaned place well.

Then follow the steps to install that put a ring of rubber at the bottom of the tap (the screw) - as shown in بالخلاط Allavomano - and then enter into the slot on dock and then put another episode tank bottom and connecting nut by hand in a clockwise direction and governs linked to key pipe gently and is connected Nickel link again with not forgetting put Episode Alfber.

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Change basin mixer
In the case of vertical mixers (for Afumano) follow the steps mentioned above in change vertical Tap. In the case of a blender horizontal such as blender kitchen sink, it is decoded Alsamolten taking into account the consistency in the process of unwinding a quarter to half a roll of each nut is used in this key Faransawy preferably lined jaws tape welding user of electricity in order to maintain the nickel plating is then decode bowls that may be mounted on bolts blender (knee) is described in the.

After the completion of the jaw cleans age bolts nobility blender and examines the blender new to ensure safety and placing Alhanafitin cold and hot in the closed position and then close the one of the holes entering the water and Nnfaj air mouth of the hole the other to make sure there is no vent in a blender, which confirms the safety of the mixer.

Tempted size blender first and if not is set, you can adjust the distance between Allenblin so wrap one or both together in a clockwise direction ie in the direction of linking periods (inlet and outlet nobility are not on one axis and therefore wrapped it achieves change the distance between them) and try measured again and it is advisable to use the balance of the water to make sure that directors Allenblin in a horizontal position and then try size.

Prior to installing the mixer should be installed bowls, and make sure put rings Alfber inside Samolte mixer and Eetmlv a Alsamolten in a clockwise direction and try blender after opening the stopcock the apartment to make sure there are no water leaks when it is noble.

If there is dotting when one Samolte linking blender or both are tighten the nuts with an attempt to move the body blender with the other hand through the link and if you do not stop punctuation are replaced episodes Alfber and Berndlat in rubber thicker. It can use hair Alasitbh or Teflon tape or paste plastic preventive for leakage.

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Change shower mixer
Shower mixer decoder will be following the same steps decoder basin horizontal mixer except that prior to performing procedures must unpack jaw nut connecting pipe shower بالخلاط.

To do so uses Faransawy key and line the jaws as we mentioned before. It is also after the completion of change lies mixer shower pipe fitting nut, taking into account change Alrondlh the inside prior to installation.

If there is required to decode Nepali blender to replace them. There was a they Mrakban to the usually in Jelbta of lengthening copper.
And is used to decode the nobility knee key Faransawy and the roll in the counter-clockwise direction as the copper boom untangled bushing in the same direction and that using crow Abannsh or key crow.
And takes into account the lack of pressure on it when installation because the copper does not assume too much. Some of these fetch her part pistol or the box that helps the jaw and easily by using the composition key Faransawy.

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Change the expulsion Fund set (Siphon)
When you are meant to change any part of the components group expulsion Fund must close the valve of the Fund and nutritious dump what's inside of water.

The fund range is divided into two groups expulsion:
A - a valve (valve) Blackjack

It consists of: Blackjack - Blackjack arm the - Blackjack valve.
To make the replacement process follow the following steps:

1. Decoding arm Blackjack and withdrawing staple using Abannsh after copper Astaadalha or unzip nail installation using a screwdriver.
2. Decoding link nickel when they relate to float valve using Faransawy key.
3. Decoding nut connect float valve expulsion box using Faransawy key.
4. Raise the LED from the Fund.
5. Decoding nut located at the base of the new LED and make sure there foreskin rubber at the base.
6. Installation LED linking nut LED base and plug nickel as well as the link installation of Blackjack arm and ball.
7. Open valve nutritious for the expulsion Fund and test the connections to ensure that no diversion of water when one of them.
8. Adjust the water level in the fund to make sure that the water level is less than the end of the overflow pipe about 2 - 5 cm and bend the float arm if copper or changing arm mode when contact with the valve if the plastic (by design).

B - set to expel water
Common type usage is Alkmbnichen.
And take into account before you start Removing the water expelled decoding arm related but first operating by key Frnsawi the dismantling of the hands of then decode the link operating nickel when connected to the float valve.

Decoding steps vary by design group.
To make the replacement process follow the following steps:
1. Decoding Samolte connect the base of the toilet expulsion Fund using Frnsawi key cuneiform then pull the screw Alyoaly to fund separated from the base.
2. The heart of expulsion where the Fund appears below a large nut that connects the package base is dislodged Fund using Faransawy key.
3. Pull a package out of the box.
4. Installation of the new group following the reverse steps to decode with a note Caller adjust the length of the thread so that they are operating, however free expulsions valve movement and be fully opening and closing an arbitrator.
5. Fund expulsion installed base using cuneiform screw and the new Linking tool and then re-install the link nickel for Blackjack valve.
6. Opening valve feeder fund and efficient operation of the test group to expel the water and make sure no leakage of water into the toilet bowl.

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Change elbow drainage basins (stopcock smells)
When you must choose elbow drainage basin to have the same size of the old elbow.
And follow the following steps:
1. Decoding nut connecting the pelvic identity elbow as well as the connecting nut elbow pipe of exchange.
2. Then raise the elbow and the new installation of the elbow following the steps to reverse decode.
Note install rubber episodes in Nuts connectivity related to drainage pipe and the floor

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