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Information useful way to extend the plumbing pipes internal and external

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Information useful way to extend the plumbing pipes internal and external
Plumbing problems after housing and so a lot of us suffer Ouhdt him any problem inside the bathroom water or any smuggling was forced to break hard and this is

So I looked for sound way and perhaps useful for a way to extend the pipes inside the bathroom without resorting to cracking and has the answer from one of Engineers ÔÇßŃĺ and his ability

For extension

There is an opinion believes that aesthetics is a priority .. Ferry buried Moasrdakhl the walls (and this would be at the expense of maintenance and repairs

And there is a view they see and practically maintenance is a priority .. Who shall install pipes virtual Stahialyaljdran (which may Abasha the form of bathroom

There are many ways possible collect Bentrivtin .. Making pipes inside Khozaan Wall Painting or flattened .. So that we can access Allehaand of any emergency .. With the addition of this architectural touches cupboards so that be Dzouamnsjama with the bathroom decorated and finishes its walls and not ugly spend part on each Almjhodoualemsariv that has been tasked to beautify the bathroom

Almarwnafa service lines (all services) is essential and vital to the residents of the house after move Fterhanbhar and admiration .. Whatever the quality of pipes and efficiently technicians whatever .. Each product of human industry is vulnerable because of an error .. Or exposure to risk Girmohsub




Per bath special design of these cabinets .. There are many types and forms .. But he understands those who understand that the water pipes are not met pipes for damage and damage .. And therefore need to get to it as soon as the easiest way .. It will be able to calmly close the water valve ** and see the damaged pipe .. Maybe he himself does repaired instead of calling others to learn at home and m God, time and nerves and then tell him they are experts and they have regained his satellite who strayed track in space

Forever and ever .. We must put these ideas on the table when you ask designer engineer our requirements it .. And to make sure their presence within the design

I hope that my thoughts (which incidentally Terms of duty in most specifications and standards for construction) can be implemented in your home .. The designer Review Engk, which at an early stage before the adoption of designs for your home

Note: There are many accessories and supplies that can be used to detect the hidden extensions of water both above suspended ceilings .. Or flattened wall

These doors mounted on Canutat mural to be located at sensitive points in the line Mthelmahabs and links

These are just examples of these doors

There Ibwabokhry for false ceilings





Extending Muasiralhmamat of the ceiling and then placed decoration

Sewage bottom floor of the second round (mean roof Alldoralerda) is a good style for the exchange to avoid two things:

1 - to avoid any extension tubes Srfatht tiles .. And hence ease of maintenance and repair

2 - to avoid lowering the upper Erdahalhmam (to accommodate drainage pipe elbow), especially in the case of installing Mrahadcherqa

3 - Relieve weights resulting from the filling of this decline sand Okhersanh

The decoration is the work of the lower roof so that this decoration Kablallvk when any problem occurs rooftop .. Was provided with rock wool insulation for sound (if Elly over open water .. voted discharge water be Mzaajakhash if the bottom not bath like him, but bedroom, for example,
For example, are Tercbimravat Salotks and rock wool rolls with ceiling to provide detection and aperture preview
But .... What is currently being of installation of decorations gypsum panels for bathrooms .. And provisions .. Adjalmn This method requires cracking plaster whenever there is a malfunction or blockage بمواسير Majaraalalouet

If I worked a wall parallel Fayaljha that the toilets and sink and Achaoro the high level of sink but ask Is there a possibility of the use of anything is brick work wall parallel so that it can detect the side and at the same time can paste the same tile that used it in the bathroom it so that it appears like a wall fixed .

Yes .. You work Jaddarmoizi in the ride by health systems .. Perhaps if I visited a hotels Vstgdon Hammamet are made contiguous .. So that the work of this vacuum to serve both Alhamamin .. And independent hidden door of the corridor so that the maintenance process without disturbing the guest room
(Zorahd hotels and شوفها)
Well ... You can do this wall of metal frame Mthbtalih a cementitious board
Tile and install it .. So that it is removing the cover screws from the metal frame wall installer

There installs nets lying on the iron frame .. And installing tile it

Attached you some pictures that illustrate how to implement this system .. But wood floors (deemed Concrete)
I am personally in favor of this method with consideration to be the bottom of the bath like .. Has passed situation Akdtna of that bottom bedroom .. Especially when the bed down location site infusion

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  1. Good to see these helpful information here,Thanks lots for sharing them with us.
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  2. Good to see these helpful information here,Thanks lots for sharing them with us.
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