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How do you fix the bathroom sink drain

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How do you fix the bathroom sink drain

Plumber's putty is a soft, moldable sealant that is formulated 

for use in plumbing 

applications. It is commonly used when installing bathroom 

sink drains, and provides a 

leak-proof seal that can last several years. Plumber’s putty 

stays soft for a long time, making 

it easy to remove the drain and make corrections, if 

necessary. Using plumber’s putty on a 

bathroom sink drain is a simple task that most homeowners 

can accomplish themselves.
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1-Turn off the water supply at the valves beneath your 

bathroom sink. Alternatively, 

turn it off at the main shutoff valve. Put a bucket under the 

sink, positioning it 

beneath the P-trap the curved pipe connected to the 

2-Loosen the nuts at each end of the P-trap, using a pipe 

wrench. Remove the P-trap. 

Let water and debris inside the P-trap drain into the bucket.
3-Loosen the nut connecting the tailpiece to the drain, 

using a pipe wrench or pliers. Remove the pipe.
4-Tap on the bottom of the flange from under the sink to 

loosen it from the drain, using 

a wrench. Alternatively, if you have a pop-up assembly, 

unscrew the assembly from the sink strainer.
5-Loosen the strainer nut at the base of the drain. Ask an assistant to hold two 

screwdrivers in the drain from above to stop it from spinning,  
if necessary.

6-Pull out the old sink strainer or flange. Wipe around the 

drain opening with a damp 

cloth to remove remaining residues and debris. Let the sink dry.
7-Remove a piece of plumber’s putty from its container 

and roll it between your hands 

to soften it. Form the putty into a rope, 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick.
8-Press the putty rope around the underside of the flange. 

Press the drain assembly into 

place in the drain opening. Press around the flange to ensure 

a watertight seal.
9-Scrape away excess putty around the sides of the flange, 

using a putty knife.
10-Replace the tailpiece and the P-trap. Tighten all 

connections with a pipe wrench.
11-Test the drain for leaks by filling it with water. If the 

drain leaks, remove the drain 

and repeat the putty application.

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