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How to replace towel rail anchors

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How to replace towel rail anchors

 If towel rails are installed with the plastic anchors they’re usually sold with, they can become wobbly and work free of the wall. Replace the anchors with metal toggles or wall plugs for a permanent solution. 
  FOR A TILED WALL use a 6mm glass and tile bit to enlarge the original holes then tap in wall plugs and secure the mounting plates.
●1 REMOVE THE RAIL by loosening the grub screw securing the post to the mounting plate. Lift the towel rail off then unscrew the mounting plate and pull out the old anchors.
●2 REPLACE THE RAIL by driving the new anchors directly into the holes in the plasterboard wall left by the old anchors then secure the mounting plate using the supplied toggle screws and reattach the rail. 

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