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How to Repair Damaged in Plumbing Kitchen

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How to Repair Damaged in Plumbing Kitchen

What if you found the kitchen full of water and how to behave in a quick and useful
First, go to the main valve and close
Second, examine the pelvic Exchange Siphon
If you find a damaged Ambasson do change it as follows
1 - Remove the old Siphon
2 - Siphon Link New
But if it is not damaged Siphon do the following
1 - Check the siphon flooring (gutter) and tried Wiring of any deposits or fats and pouring hot water at once in the center of Siphon and repeat the process several times
2 - However, if the siphon flooring gutter properly go to the next step
Third, go to the main valve and open and inspect the kitchen mixer
1 - If the mixer by leaking do tightly linking then Afajs Is there leaking or not
2 - If he continues infusion do lock Valve of the main
3 - Remove the old blender
4 - Install the new blender
5 - open the main valve

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