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How to Mount an Exhaust Fan Housing in Your Bathroom

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How to Mount an Exhaust Fan Housing in Your Bathroom

Having an exhaust fan for your bathroom serves two 

important purposes. First, it will eliminate odors, and second 

it will help reduce the moisture produced in your bathroom. 

By greatly reducing the moisture in your bathroom, you will 

help eliminate the growth of mildew and mold which could 

cause the paint to peel that are one your doors, walls, and 

anywhere else in your bathroom. These exhaust fans can 

come in many different models and styles, so finding one to 

fit your needs shouldn't be too difficult. You may purchase an 

exhaust fan that will mount on the wall or on the ceiling. You 

can choose which ever one that will work best for you. This 

will show instruction for a ceiling mount.

Cutting an opening in your ceiling
In your bathroom, you will need to drill a one-eighth inch test 
 hole in the center of your bathroom ceiling. If by chance the 
bit hits a joist, you will need to fill the hole with spackling and 
then drill another hole several inches away from the first 
hole. Next push a length of wire up through the test hole and 
mark the spot.
Next lay some plywood across the attic joists to support you, 
your tools, and the mounting brackets for the fan while you 
work. You will then need to push aside any of 
the insulation you come across, and then remove the marker 
wire. Then center the lamp housing between the joists on 
both sides of the test hole and then outline the housing on the 
bathroom ceiling.
Now drill a three-fourth inch hole at each of the corners of 
the outline, and then cut along the lines with a special 
keyhole saw, making sure to station a helper in the bathroom 
to help support and catch the cutout that will be falling out.
Mounting and fastening the brackets of the exhaust fan
First you need to slide a mounting bracket section into each 
end of the channel on one side of the exhaust fan lamp 
housing. Next push the pieces together until they overlap 
each other. You will need to repeat this procedure for the 
channel on the opposite side of the exhaust fan housing.
With your helper in the bathroom, he will hold a board across 
the opening in the ceiling, and then orient the blower outlet 
towards the exit point for the duct. Next you will lower the 
housing through the ceiling to rest on the board for safety reasons.
Lastly, you will extend the mounting brackets until the 
nailing flanges will touch the joists, and then fasten both of 
the brackets with a one one-fourth inch nail in each of the ends.

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