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How to fix the doors of the cupboard and Alcolmodino Alnich

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How to fix the doors of the cupboard and Alcolmodino Alnich

Flywheel word applies to the buffet, and Alnich, hairstyle, and Alcolmodino .. Etc.. Furthermore Cupboard bedroom. In the normally ride these advances by using a couple of heel where a fixed upper pair (female in body Alolab, the male and in Aldilfah) The lower pair, the female installed in the cupboard and male body flail put in place so that the slide in the cavity prepared for that in Aldilfah.

In the case of decoding Aldilfah slot is opened half then pulls Aldilfah to outside from the bottom until withdrawn from Stub with caution so as not to fall on the ground when pulled and movement down to Tkhalasaha the upper heel.

Limited to malfunctions advances cupboards in the fall out of place, or can not be closed easily, and in such cases are examined Aldilfah especially in terms of Stub Ambasslyo may be the result of a broken lip barrier to mention Stub (curling) or be a parts Stub installed may decoding, if It turns out that one may decode parts of the place, it is re-installed linking with Burmh nails using a screwdriver.

If either as a result of breaking in place to install the Stub upper part, it is fixed the location of the installation (replaced) and by following these steps

    After decoding Aldilfah is equipped with a place for a new piece -of wood (usually of beech) and using a chisel and Adakkm
    Is equipped with a piece of wood the same dimensions so that they are at the same level after installation-
    Hammering a nail hooks suitable length in the new piece in two places are not mutually exclusive with nails Alborma places used in the installation Stub-
    Put a layer of glue on the surface and completed installation may cuneiform Needle, and increases are cleared glue with a damp towel and water picture-
    After confirming drying glue - demonstrate "نتاية" Stub with Burmh nails using a screwdriver, and try the work Aldilfah-

In the case of a break in the barrier Stub (curling), it is removed, adequate space length equal to twice the place Stub using chisel and Adakkmag very carefully, so as not to be affected Alablakaj envelope of the leaf, and is equipped with a piece equal to the drilling of beech, and demonstrate in Aldilfah using glue, being dig a place to San heel and ride Aldilfah and try

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