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How do you maintain your own bathroom

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How do you maintain your own bathroom

How to learn Plumbing household without the need for Dr. Plumber

What do you do if a water pipe exploded home Awasab the malfunction Mphajy one water taps basin faucet / kitchen / bathroom and you have an any information about how to fix it so the oldest you the proper ways in order to be a plumber your home and someone else that I wanted

(First) Purchase the key stencil or key Frnsawy average size in the range of 15 pounds at a higher price, but the price is less then buying a slice of flax orglue immediate from one of the shops selling the requirements of Plumbing and put them in a place to learn and well away from the reach of children until it encounters the time of the application if I wanted that you change the Tap anywhere at home or apartment all you need is to determine the size of the key on the box or the gun to the faucet, and then disassemble the faucet key stencil or Frnsawy to the north and continued to jaw with the installation of faucet Kasand her up to cause any distortions in the age of the pipe and after jaw Install faucet with new Lq piece of kenaf or flax to enact Faucet roll north and the link will be to the right, and are linked until fusion and complete connectivity to the end and fusion Faucet Balmasorh Of course, this process is done after the closure valve water your house or apartment after installation your Bakth valve , and the experience of faucet as well as in case of installing shower bath or valve your apartment you close the valve's public house or apartment is usually the bottom of the house or apartment on the ground floor and advisable to use taps Plastic table market currently Sarhalaatady 3 pounds a need to gently and quietly in the installation and use of a guarantee health of faucets copper and stainless what to do in case of an explosion water pipe at home or apartment haste to close the valve public and the use of key stencil or Faransawy, and PVC pipe from the beginning or from the end, in the sense if it was a blast pipe after pipe Awatnin of the faucet or shower for example, if should be taken in order Faucet untangled first and then the pipe which later than when a character T and jaw to the north and the link to the right until you reach the captured ordnance do dissolution of the letter T or from the interface and, as we said a solution to the north and the link to the right after the jaw heading to shop pipes, Plumbing, and bought pipe the same length works account screw will shop owner or any shop Plumbing Bgulwzh age barreled new in two ways and come back and linking them linen or لزق and connectivity to the left and re-installation of Magmt dissolved and return to his place and if there screws iron pressure on the pipes do rrmoved to hummer and after the completion of the reform process your installed in the subject of far-what about misplaced former as well as in changing the pipes docks plastic NFC key is purchased Pipes new and installed the foundation Plumbing is a kit that will help you get the job done, and lighten the mind to work and those roads Believe me will not need a plumber at all and maybe Istaan ​​your Plumbing houses neighbors The key reason to increase your income

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