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how do maintenance to your air conditioners

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Follow-up air conditioners with the beginning of every summer

Conditioner maintenance and cleaning on time
At least every year, where the accumulation of dirt and dust
Reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Clean the air filter once a week
Where the lingering dust and dust hinder
The passage of warm air from inside the room to
Abroad and thus reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Shading HVAC equipment and reduce its exposure
The sun, where studies have shown high
Efficient air conditioner when it is in a shady place.
In the case of the existence and use of cooling channels
It is good to be isolated to reduce waste
Cooler air inside

Thermostat switch is set to a moderate degree
To minimize the difference between room temperature and the degree
Required, as this reduces the hours of operation
Compressor (Alkimbersor) and thus provide part of the
Energy, as it happens in the case of tuning regulator
The highest score be ice on the evaporator, which
Hinder air circulation inside the room.

Close doors and windows in running condition
Air conditioners to keep the room temperature
The required adjustment without external air leakage
Warm to it, as advised to install
Rdadat (Door Auto Closer)
The doors overlooking the air Khaja
Kalmdakhl interior of the building.

Lock side openings for part-conditioned
In order to prevent air leaks to the outside and vice versa,
Preferably be placed insulating material in place
Kfilan even resist the transfer of heat.

Put conditioner in the right place for the room
So that Aauge the entrance to the room to prevent leakage
Air, as you must make sure not to put pieces
Furniture in front of the front adjuster so as not to impede
Air circulation and thus reducing its efficiency.

Are one of the global companies to develop a

Is Tosalih the adjuster so that the device increases the efficiency of
Cooling by about 30-35% and thus rationalize
Energy consumption of air conditioner in this ratio,
When you know that 60% of the consumption of months
Summer arises from it by using the air conditioning
This device will be available Alastelak at a good rate.
This device and connects between the thermostat
(Thermostat) and the compressor (Alkimbersor) so
Works to delay the start of work and reduce compressor
Working hours thus reducing the consumption of air-condition.

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