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How do I maintain Gas Cooker

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The first problem:

cooker Blacks and any Dirty utensils
You should clean the burners regularly and preferably being developed in I E (water + vinegar + kirosen) then boiled and dried well
Note ........
If burners (burners of the wet Bay means Blacks pots so kept them dry
The second problem:
Ergonomics primers but not all burners?
At a fraction on Button primers (metal head)
Make sure of the quality of
if endowed head primers tested if Ergonomics and does not near screwdriver railing of head primers
Primers and press the ignition button will notice spark transmitted to the screwdriver and watch must
The separation stuck Screwdriver
Ok if the Cherz and the torch does not catch him what is the solution?

Set copper primers mode
If that does not work?
Keep the small piece of sanding and paw the front part of the head of the metal to ignite in primers and totally head  metal, primers

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