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Gadgets and tools used in plumbing

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Gadgets and tools used in plumbing

The maintenance of sanitary ware and faults that may arise from things urgent and necessary that no one can condone or deferred in the home of these things are what is needed to enter technical Plumbing (plumber), including what can be done by the average person in the house

 A little knowledge and some experience gained by the experiment can be performed average person most of the maintenance work plumbing in the house and do the job will dedicate a series of articles for acts of plumbing home and do the work you need to have in your home some numbers and tools Here is a brief description of what you may need in your home to carry out maintenance of household Plumbing and availability at home are advised to emergencies, God forbid,
Number and tools used in household plumbing maintenance work
1 - normal Screwdriver
     And is used in decoding and connecting pins Almgulwzh women with cleft warheads.

2 - Screwdriver(+)
   Is used to decode and screws Almgulwzh which has its head are two parts to the shape of a cross.

3 -  (Pliers)
 And used to pull Alltel and keeping the flat and cylindrical parts with high diameter are also used in wire cutter and help discourage them

4 - (Raven)
Used in decoding and linking of copper is fetching animate ribs Hexagonal the or square, as well as in decoding elbow pelvis

5 - water Balance
Is used to adjust the horizontal mixers, as well as to adjust the horizontal household appliances such as washing machine, adjust the vertical electric heaters

6 - key English
    Used in decoding and connecting and keeping iron pipes and Fetch

7 - the key Faransawy St.
Used in decoding and linking hearts faucets and mixers, nuts and bolts with heads Hexagonal are generally square

8 - key crow
Used in decoding and connecting pipes and new bushes instead of the key English and in confined spaces is also used in the maintenance of cylindrical parts for the conduct of the jaw and installation.

9 - Abannsh the Alclabh
Used in the maintenance of any parts intended to control for the conduct of the jaw and installation such as pipes

10 - key pipe
Used to connect the dismantling of nuts installed blenders Allavomano from the bottom of the tub, as well as vertical faucets on the sink and nuts to install blender Alipidah

  This was the tools that their presence is required at home to carry out maintenance work and home health with what we're going by explaining in the next articles will be able to lead your own home business
How do you maintain your home Plumbing yourself what is easier

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