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Explain the installation of the main engine of washer machine and how to repair and maintenance

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Explain the installation of the main engine of washer machine and how to repair and maintenance
Engine the washer Automatic main

Is the one who does the rotation of rotary Hilla slow speeds in both directions to turn the clothes during the washing process and spin
High speed in one direction during the afternoon program.
There is a compound in the bottom of the washing machine by Sir convey traffic toTransmission
Is the engine of the squirrel cage type consists of two main parts User fixed and mobile user.
And a member firm is a special alloy made up of several metal chips have high Magnetization capacity of iron are usually
Or cast iron or aluminum and push these chips inside the body outside of the engine and the inside by a certain number of openings
Called sewage.
And falls within these streams (after isolating the type of cardboard) engine files slow speed
And engine files any high speed that the member hard coiled in the form of two separate engines.
Usually placed idle speed files first  on average 12 pole (ie at 500 rev / min) by dividing the
A certain number of laps and Qatar this special wire speed * files and then placed it high speed and often be 2 pole (ie
At 3000 rev / min) and also be given by dividing the number of laps and a special wire diameter so quickly.
The mobile user is a set of circular shape metal chips grouped together within the XML column to form
Cylindrical has a number of open sewage vertical direction of the outer perimeter and placed inside the these streams bars of aluminum or
Copper bars are welded on both sides of the cylindrical column with two rings of the same metal It must be the length of sewer user
Moving equal to the length of the sewer user disk and a diameter slightly less than the User * and then riding hard moving inside Posts
Through hard Bearings and bushing stationed in the front hood to adjust their status and facilitate rotation member without moving
That come into contact by hard * cooling fan placed on the X User moving to ventilate the engine during rotation.
In the washing program passes electrical current to the idle speed files through their own circle Fedor Engine
Field generated by the fast idle speed * while remaining files separate from the high speed stream has no effect.
When the same thing happens era passes files to current high speed while remaining idle speed files without
Electric current have no effect. And if there is any error in the department caused to the arrival of the current two-speed files at the same time
This led to the internal combustion engine.
The ability of the engine at idle speed about 300 watts and at high speed, the ability 700 Watt almost any
1 HP.

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