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breakdowns and ways to fix toilet

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breakdowns and ways to fix toilet

If there is a blockage in the discharge Alstunaih there are several possibilities for COPD place and this determines how to deal with it.
-The first remedy for this drawback is use lashes wiring of onion-
shaped type and normal foreskin can be used but with extreme caution because it may get stuck inside the bowl.
If the defect is not fixed you can use zippers snake may find it difficult to pay the beginning of zippers inside slot Bowl. Preferably in this case to wear in your hand gloves (Jointy) of rubber. The case-sensitive Bowl slot. And directs zippers into the trap odors. Or beyond and zippers are paid with management snake inside the pipes. You can also use the water hose in the process of wiring, but you must reserve full when it is used where open water in Hose.Hose is paid within the drainage pipe and progress very slowly preferably installation Pashbury (metal nozzle mounted at the end of Hose) in order to get the top speed of the rush of water. And Hose must be washed thoroughly after use zipper snake is considered the best of Khartoum in such cases.
And if there is no wiring toilet it can be likely embankment into the main drainage pipes for Architecture. In this case you need to try dropping the weight tied a long rope from the top ventilation slot architecture until the end of the pipe and with the move this gravity during lowered can remove the obstacles in the main drainage pipe (preferably use Besbak,).
-The wiring is to public sewer pipes moored through Stopper of the cleaning usually the bottom of the pipe near the ground. It is strapped with nails hexagonal or square head and taken into account in the case of decoding Stopper cleaning to be dislodged very slowly. Even to Atendf wastewater very quickly it may hurt performs wiring

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