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Bathrooms in spite of the small size of the bathroom for the rest of the household is a critical component

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Bathrooms: Bathrooms in spite of the small size of the bathroom for the rest of the household is a critical component in any home, one of the places that attract the attention of designers internal Vivnon in choosing decoration of the walls and floors. So that the cut-outs aesthetic addition to being tools for personal comfort, and choose bathroom furniture carefully bathrooms Oadًa of more parts of home maintenance cost and most Talbًa. The rapid rhythm of life, he became imposes on the people waking up early and get out as quickly as possible, which was reflected in the design of toilets extreme attention to detail, and the interior design of the master bedroom has become an extension of its water cycle uh Home Accessories.

Is no longer the bathroom so the void is filled sanitary ware randomly has become a design takes time and effort from the designer and a long discussion with family members. Cycle where he became a design people water reflects a way of life, there is a design of the water cycle show personality owner process, and clear Vfragath specific, and the other reflects designed personal owner Romance Valjakouzi took more than three-quarters of the space, and interior decoration suggests relaxation and meditation.
But now it has become a pregnancy or in modern Mentdjaًa houses resorted to rights after a day of grueling work to relaxes the body and mind and renew his Mstkhaddmًa activity in the various fittings devised by modern technology and put it in his reach. The industry has evolved bathroom fixtures and furniture to become critical and regulation. Pour h constructors and toiletries traders and professionals to build and design of the bathrooms has become for all those in the West, professional associations look after their interests and contribute to the improvement of services to the consumer. Bathrooms in the third millennium: evolving industry bathrooms and accessories every year for many reasons, it may be Jamaliًa development to improve health-shaped pieces and add new colors and decorations. It may be Aqtsadaًa development for the purpose of reducing water wastage, provide or limit the spread, in the space for the bathroom, may be Sahaًa to the purpose of the prevention of water pollution and other or to the use of physical pain, germs on cutting water baths in processing. And Okhirًa may be development for the purpose of comfort and well-being through the production of quick and easy pools at construction and when in use.
  The time for baths monotonous slipped today contain modern bathrooms more Atsaaًa which at the same time result in more than one job. Least, Talqaً the containing all of the houses on one bathroom. Some of the most modern homes whale has a bathroom with separate toilet. And provides instructions on the theory and must contain the house on every bathroom achieved its sleep, but this remains Aqtrahًa Nzeraًa hard. Designed bathroom so that resides Garibًa of the bedrooms and living sector that one. In the event of a small house was the Hmamًa and Ahaddaً goods Kaviًa. Bathroom home is placed in a convenient place so that it takes advantage of the services the occupants of all spaces.

Designers tried several years ago to emphasize the importance of assembling positions bathrooms to make them close to each other., Next to the kitchen so as to reduce the cost of installing extensions health lines. It is obvious that the cost. Or on مستوين above one another directly, bathroom fixtures less Ktherًa that installed on the wall of the common bathrooms are usually designed with dimensions of not less than 8x5 155x240 Kdmًa or 10x10 m while the large bathrooms are designed with dimensions equal to. 3.0x3.0 Kdmًa or larger storage, more people prefer contain their homes on large bathrooms space allowing them to wear linen clothing readily verify some personal desires.

All bathrooms contain a three main organs on tha A, AHA Laundry Neha water cycle and the third shower and bathtub. Bidet may contain some houses. Arrange equipment Aatmadًa on the accuracy of the bathroom for his job performance. Washroom designer is keen to put the mirror top E. In Place ensures getting her caring nature sufficient and Baidًa a bathtub so you do not condense on the surface of the water vapor rising from the bathtub. It also ensures that no designer toilets placed on the line of view door and Light supposed Always ensure good ventilation for bathrooms.

• Most new houses have a bath and a half or two full baths. Many houses have a bath off the master bedroom and a second bath for the remaining bedrooms. • A house built on several levels should have a half bath on the living level and at least one full bath on the sleeping level.
• As a bath is planned, consider what functions it will serve. In addition to the normal uses, it may serve as a dressing area, a sauna, a laundry, exercise room, or sunbathing area.

• Fixture Types and Sizes 1. The manufacturers of bath fixtures produce a wide range of units various sizes. 2. Some bathtubs are designed to be open on only one side. Others may be open on two and three sides. 3. There are tubs that are almost square and fit in a corner. 4. The shower will probably be used as the facility for daily washing. 5. A luxurious tub is highly desirable for soaking and relaxing, for day dreaming, and for the fantasy or reality of a romantic.

• Location of the Bath 1. A house with one bath should be planned with the bath in a central location. 2. One factor to consider is grouping the baths and possibly the kitchen to centralize the plumbing. 3. A bath for use by those in several bedrooms should be entered from a hall. 4. The most convenient location for the bathroom is adjacent to the bedrooms. 5. The bathroom and WC should be Orientated towards the east, and should normally be naturally lit and ventilated. At least four air changes per hour are required for internal rooms. For comfort, a bathroom temperature of 22to 24 c is about right
• Fixture Size and Placement 1. Each dwelling unit should have a bathroom with enough area to accommodate a lavatory, a water closet, and bathtub or shower. 2. Bath fixtures can be arranged effectively in many different ways 3. A minimum bath includes the three basic fixtures: bathtub-lavatory-and water closet.
4. A half bath usually contains a water closet and lavatory.

• Materials and Decoration I. A bath should be a colorful, cheerful area. Materials used must withstand moisture and mold. II. They should be easily cleaned. Ceramic tile, marble, slate, special carpeting, plastic and silk wall coverings, and moisture-proof wood paneling are typical examples.
 (Characteristic 15) Figure shows the use of marble floors and walls of the bathroom as attractive materials• Designing and Planning Considerations • Arrangement for fixtures should provide for comfortable use of each fixture and permit at least a 90 door swing unless sliding doors are used. • The water closet should be located so it cannot be seen from the next room when the bathroom door is open. • A sink and water closet may be placed in a "mud room" by the rear exit. • A window in the bath is highly desirable but not essential. It should not be directly above any of the fixtures. • The bathroom should be convenient to the bedroom zone, and accessible from living and work areas. • Doors are a problem when planning a bath. The room is usually small and has many fixtures. Careful design and planning is necessary. In some cases, a door sliding into a pocket in the wall is suitable. • Storage space for towels and other accessories is needed. • Electrical outlets are needed for hair dryers and electric razors. • A mirror is located above the lavatory.
• For cost efficiency and technical reasons the bathroom, WC, and kitchen should be planned such that they can share the same service ducts.  depending on the type and size of equipment used in first model Asestkhaddm the sliding door in the wall ... normal while in the other door model

Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to damp so appropriate sealing must be provided. Surfaces must be easy to clean because of high air humidity and condensation and the wall and ceiling plaster must be able to withstand the conditions. Choose slip resistant floor coverings.
• It is also necessary to consider the following for the bathroom / WC: cupboards for towels, cleaning items, medicines and toiletries, mirror and lighting, hot water supply, supplementary heater, towel rails, drier, handles above the bathtub, toilet paper holder within easy reach, toothbrush holder and storage surfaces.
Bathroom accessories designers excelled in the design of bathroom accessories until the appearance of fine and beautiful forms in the markets and can be made from chrome or porcelain or non Dlkolkn shall take into account the durability and strength and practical addition to shape when choosing bathroom accessories
  foundation of a new house must choose the appropriate places for bathrooms building outline and can locate bathrooms and an area as follows - Guests 1 bath: it must be in a convenient location close to the dining room usually should not be in front of the house so that it does not fall appointed person inside of the door The main bathroom door in front of him or in one other notable interfaces.

 - H sleeping 2 Mam rooms o advisable to be inside the room but the bathroom door should not be facing up to the door of the room, and if you do not want to be a bathroom inside the bedroom be sure not to be away from her. o multiple bathrooms and unique to each of them and model, and according to multiple individuals at home one particular sets it apart from the design to another, whether in size or o shall be swimming parents Mokhtlvًa for swimming sons or bath guests or employees of the home must be calculated in the scheme of the house and choose the place and the appropriate size for each bath

Main water cycle is usually when we start planning for major water cycle, it allows the designer to select which approximate area and then begin ..... In visits to health shows crews surrounding us to choose which suits us and this false start is assumed to start identifying our needs and from then determine and define spaces used and discussed extensively with the designer. 1) Many toilets contain toilet syphilis and seat, laundry and bath in an area of ​​no more than 0.7 meters 1 x 8 meters (toiletries pressure in this way it creates discomfort in the use of a tool, all of the toiletries are running it also has additional space around them so that they are not put any other tool and make sure not to overlap this area with space for other tools

And of things to be taken into account: 1. Select what you want to contain your bathroom: bathtub with shower, separate shower, a Jacuzzi, a Western toilet, toilet Arabic Mq, counting the other, the number of laundries and 2. Are you in your bathroom will allocate spaces for different uses such as: laundry, corner to change clothes, make-up corner of the sauna, corner? , Corner to perform aerobics or any other uses. 3 whichever you prefer pigeons that its various parts are open to each other or when the design parts of the divided bathroom? 4. What do you prefer for the floors and walls of the bathroom: ceramic, marble or stone or glass block or otherwise or mixing them? . For your bathroom? 5 How will the natural and mechanical ventilation
6. Do you want to save in your bathroom cabinet or closet drugs for lingerie, and you will be the open shelves or a place dedicated to the washing machine Take in mind the necessary space? . ? 7 How will the natural and artificial lighting in your bathroom. ? 8 What is the type of plumbing system you will choose. ? 9 What is your favorite colors. 10 How will the bathroom ceiling and you will be providing decoration? From the roof. Bathroom 11 How will the natural and artificial lighting at 12. How will the system of central heating in your bathroom or a separate outside? , Inside the bathroom or. -? You will provide 13 your bathroom running Alantervon and the phone and other entertainment systems
Wall water cycle Many people thought wrong that the walls of the shower Matt are you most secondary and the least complicated than يوقعهم group of bumps is no room to escape them and attach great importance to choose the kit bathroom ignoring that each element has a role at least as important as the rest of the items in the bathroom and the fact that the current trend for more أناق bath of is to choose the type and color of clothing first, then the appropriate accessories and a little prudence and appropriate choice of these elements will look like a place alone integrated expensive.
Still the most Cioaًa occupies center stage in the choice of most of the houses of, and can be attributed to age long and easy to clean and also for the beauty of its shape and is used for floors and walls and is found in different shapes and colors and sizes variety may sometimes up to the size of the mosaic which increases the luster and elegance bathroom private If different colors and design an appropriate idea, Tkulaisًa to مصاريفه have merged with the paint process popular in recent times.

 Paint was probably less solutions tabbed but you might be surprised as M N could be more beautiful and comfortable _khasosًa when you choose to paint the basis oily special This will help in the process of maintenance and resistance to moisture and always remember to stay away from color enamel, it will cause trouble where they show the effects of sweating it clear when a the bathroom to heat and moisture replay, which will leave later Bakaًa is difficult to remove, if confused with other types of clothing materials practical modern and stylish addition to it is very economical.

Wood: No good if you are in favor of the idea p Li Commons and not on the sides of the bath and laundries parties can use its natural or Mtalaًa color, it is one of the most famous modern designs in the Western world and the unique beauty can not be obtained using any other surface. Regarded as Mthalaًa substitute for ceramics if the therapist well against water and varnishing Mtalaًa, If you want Tsamamًa more modern Atala جدرانك treated wood and earth in one color and chose simple natural-colored accessories.

Baptism) Bathtub: (considered one of the pieces that must audit when selected in the markets available qualities of many of them and sizes and the classic shape rectangle so you must choose Bathtub adequate space, square, some of which is circular, so different not in fact significant in a small bathroom or small in large bathroom and if you want to add more attraction to the tub can be his barriers with door zipper or open handles and be of glass or Galbًa of acrylic which is best in terms of safety because it is not unbreakable for, and this barrier itself curtain buffer water for deployment in the floor of the bathroom during the bathing, ranging transparency of the barrier according to the desire for those who love more luxury and relax it facing the bathtub jacuzzi It works with electricity to ensure hot water renewed and refreshing and processor, but the types of computer-it works for more technical and control.

If the size of the bathroom too small so do not have room for (can be put) shower, a bathtub normal with bathtub with a very simple design a piece of square-shaped almost a substitute for the television show in the land of the bathroom and is suitable for boys and bathrooms pool and can be appropriately Oadًa in bath home workers, teenagers

Safety in the water cycle is the water cycle of the most dangerous parts of the house where comes after the kitchen directly into the recording of accidents, household, and here are some points that require that you take in a home Attabark in the design and implementation of toilets: for sliding • You must choose the flooring from ceramic or marble that are resistant surfaces. Shower • Install grab bars in the bathtub. • 1 Make sure that there is no electric switch is less than, the bathroom 5 meters from any source of water. • 70 Install the heater temperature ° C max and make sure there is a safety valve in the heater and that it works properly, and check it periodically. Circular • Avoid to be in the bathroom any sharp edges and use the edges. • - Make sure that the light sources used in the bathroom of the kind that moisture is not affected...

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