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Art Plumbing (Health Care Business)

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Art Plumbing (Health Care Business)
Plumbing work (health) residential units internal health business include any building
- Sanitation work is based
B - water supply works of the building (including drinking Mwasermeyeh and fire - the fire, whether the network of dry-type or wet type)
C - columns (pipes) rainwater drainage
The health begin affaires at the execution of the foundations of the building were put inside the foundations public sewer pipes of the building so we must take the following:

1 - careful study of the levels of the site and the building
2 - relationship drainage pipe in the building the public exchange network
3 - relationship building's water supply network of public nutrition
4 - places of exchange and study nutrition and distribution services for engineering built the board and locate with precision
5 - Study of raw materials available to us and you fit study uses the building or not and the need to choose alternative materials
6 - We must choose the staff of competent and experienced and of course the Secretariat
Business buildings internal health:
First sewerage works for buildings:
We know very well that the purpose of the sewage works is to get rid of residues in water courses, kitchens, laundry and so on in a healthy way places that fails to use liquid residues out of the building through the drain pipes to the sewer.
The sewage is divided into two types:
A - streams sheet (a network of drainage lines in the streets strapped private inspection rooms and the network is working to decline to be transmitted to waste pumping stations and then turn to the treatment plant-borne)
B - sewage (septic tanks and reservoirs), which collects waste that by vehicles (suction) The withdrawal of residues outside the region
- As we are drainage through the drain pipes and which renamed vary according to their work and there are two main types:
A - Drainage Pipes
B - Pipes
First, drain pipes, a private Sewer wash water transfer
Such as water hangover from each of:
1 - Wash Basin pots in the kitchen
2 - Facial Wash Basin
3 - Bathtub (bathtubs kinds of)
4 - Sifunat the ground

Secondly Pipes work is concerned with the conduct of toilets and these residues directly related to the inspection room of the building without having to Jalaturab the

Important notes when installing exchange columns:
1 - to be pillars of the exchange or work from Qatar and one that allows increase diameter roles bottom to increase the amount of exchange (particularly in the residential towers) not less than diameter of 3 inches in the upper floors columns exchange no less diameter in the upper floors of 4-inch shafts work
2 - using the participants columns to connect branches oblique those columns of the same diameter to allow the movement of exchange of branches oblique to the columns in a circular motion (there are participants stolen but ride the same diameter of course, do not use the participants diameter at least for example using the participants 3/4 inch pipes 4 inch is not a problem, but do not use 3-inch strips with 4-inch pipes, for example)
3 - be sensitive columns (pipes) completely vertical
4 - The columns (pipes), up from surfaces a distance of about 150 cm
5 - placed above a hobby of plastic or metal
6 - Make sure welds pipes and accessories
7 - must be the passage of air pipes and branches for easy drag-and-ventilation
8 - and, of course, do not forget the quality of raw materials and make sure unsustainable high temperatures
9 - the need for aStopper exchange columns and wiring work to ease the reform in the case of the blockage of pipes
- Take into account the purpose of the oblique arrived branches vertical columns by curved participants is directing the wastewater in a circular motion to ensure that no solids adhesion pipes or walls participants alike
Drain pipes diameters account:
There are tables that determine exchange rates for each of the devices health and urinals and toilets
It also said there were other tables determine pipe diameters sufficient quantities of water discharge backward
And of which we can calculate the exchange pipe diameters but it is usual to be a pipe branches to drain own devices as follows:
1 - Pipes branches of unnecessary toilet 4 inch Exchange
2 - Pipes branches to face Basin Exchange 1.5 inches
3 - Pipes subset of wash basin exchange for 2-inch pots
4 - Sewer rain water 3 or 4 inches (according to that area with rain)
5 - unnecessary ventilation pipes (0 prohibitive discharge) of not less than 2 inches

Pipes (Pipes) Ventilation
And know Pipes (pipeline) self or venting or prevent absorption are used when there are buildings multiple roles and the presence of toilets in each role on each other, regardless of one (pipes work) and due to the removal of the barrier water Balsevon your base (toilet) toilet bottom When the flow of water from the Fund Supreme expulsion for the toilet water flowing absorb or (suction) the amount of flush water bottom because of what is known as vacuum between the pipe and siphon Bowl or al-Qaeda or the toilet, so we need to work to avoid ventilation pipes that
We note that in senior roles or Balasah role of the latter does not happen suction or absorption process to siphon water (process discharge Alsefoni) when there was knows Bataiwaar is a rise of pipe which causes the air and tied lack Tkhalkhalh within the pipe.
And placed the ventilation tubes or pipes parallel to the drain pipes or work and Aousela together through the work of the branch between the top of the toilet ventilation and ventilation pipe
And be mostly ventilation pipe 2 inch diameter
And be either ventilation pipes of cast iron or PVC, lead or other

Siphons (traps)
And Ambassonat is a watery barrier allows water and residues from health devices to pipes to prevent the passage of gases consisting of leakage into the building
And placed with the equipment and noted that when installing docks and manufactured internally toilet whether syphilis or my (preferably Bowl Siphon one-piece and in the case of a two-piece any base and siphon text of the  need to provide toilet Siphon flooring (insulator or barrier of water) is a pipe Twisted-shaped p or s placed beneath Bowl when the director and a diameter of not less than 10 cm
So that at least the depth of the separation barrier, or by about 5 cm and has vent directly or through a pipe connected to it to the nearest ventilation column)
We split kinds Siphons according to the article of manufacture into several types, among them, for example, but not limited to:
1 - Sifunat of plastic
2 - Sifunat of lead
3 - Sifunat cast
4 - Sifunat of copper
- Imkna division Siphons according to the mode of operation into two types:
1 - Sifunat Ali-shaped p
2 - Sifunat the s-shaped

As for the urinals are treated treatment in terms of toilets discharged into the pipe work, but 3-inch diameter and therefore mentioned exchange urinals with 3 inches with columns he permissible to use Sifunat for the painted pottery in buildings if only on the ground floor
But the question is when work row Place urination the vertical how it will be disbursed only through an open channel
Then to siphon either blossom or other exchange column relates to 3-inch
Generally come later mentioned this but we prefer exchange line urinals 3 inch special

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