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A total of basics of design bathrooms

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A total of basics of design bathrooms
Conditions to be met when designing your bathroom
Engineers presented a set of ideas decoration and the mistakes that a lot of people when designing home interior designs especially when the bathrooms

1 - not taking into account the necessary things in the bathroom where it should abbreviation purposes inside the bathroom on the basics a toilet sink and tub and leave the appropriate spaces between the purpose and each other

2 - Lack of a place to store and advised to incorporate a small closet or some shelves in the bathroom design

3 - The glass in the bathroom gives the flowering capacity and should be sure to use glass or milled sand quarry because the transparent glass unbreakable more

4 - choose bad for the site where it does not mirror the mirror should be placed behind the toilet or behind any piece blummper

5 - Choose a location that is convenient for the toilet should not be toilet is located in the line of sight through the door site

6 - Electronics in the right places so care should be taken to be the electronics in a place far from the water and that was the only kind anti-water, and make sure you do electrical extensions has a very proper manner and by professionals

7 - plumbing maintenance difficulty due to the difficulty of reaching it should choose the design, materials and ground walls in a way that facilitates work with VPL having to remove the whole floor every time the bathroom needs for maintenance

8 - lack of adequate ventilation where it is without proper ventilation increases humidity inside the bathroom which increases the bacteria and mold in the bathroom.

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