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Make service washmachin yourself without an engineer

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maintenance your washmachin

Make service washmachin yourself without an engineer

Vinegar in the washing machine cycle Automatic
Public Cleaning process for the foll automatic washer which keeps the Roman wearability washer and maintains internal Omar al-Hela and always make a clean washer from the inside and from areas inaccessible
1 - Make the washer empty for any remaining Wash
2 - to the washer consumer than 5 minutes must comfort washer hours and a half before the cycle process vinegar
3 - Put the coin washer and make sure to enter the water and the presence of water in the water line
4 - Make sure the drainage hose continued to drainage pipe
5 - Bring amount of the 1/2 liter vinegar and put them in the soap tray in the Central Block
6 - and unfasten my water faucet COIN
7 - Aillti the Timer washer c program
8 - Aillti the heat to 70 degrees Celsius
NB There are some types of washing machines is thermostat to adjust the temperature in this case should not be pressing the cancel key heat
9 - Click on the play button or pull hate Altaymr the outside of this for other types working on withdraw hate Altaymr, for outside
10 - Leave the washer working alone will consume washer about an hour and a half of the time in about an hour and a half
What happens in the washing machine from the inside ĘÚÇáć know
When we put vinegar and we catch heat for high-class began washer pulls water with vinegar and when pulled washer required amount started to rotate and turn the vinegar with water which is on the high-temperature working vinegar in this case to dissolve salts from Hela interior and all this in an hour and a half imaginary Ante so Upon completion of the session should follow the instructions below
1 - Clean filter your Balgsalh and will see salts deposited in the filter after using the vinegar
2 - You must use the vinegar every month role
Citrine graduating washer of deposited Balgsalh salts

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