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How do you origination a network of fresh water

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How do you origination a network of fresh water

Freshwater sources

    Rain and snow.

And is one of the main sources of fresh water after treatment, and need the rain to dams and storage basins sustain them.

    Surface water.

Include rivers, lakes, and also need to be addressed periodically to properly purified.


It is water stored in the ground, and you need to study and analysis to determine the validity of water to drink.
Network types


It is the network built within residential areas and near sources of clean water. These network linking the different users and water sources.


It is the network that transport water from the sources and storage basins to places of employment. These networks require in-depth studies and high costs.
Terms of network design

Nutrition network design requires private and in-depth studies to achieve maximum utilization of the network, and these studies are:

    Census account the present and future of the area you want to create a network feed.
    Develop plans for the development of a receptor for the network.
    Identify the different purposes of the network.
    Selection of appropriate sources of water.
    Identify ways aggregation and distribution
    The expense of current consumption rates and the future.

Network uses

Nutrition Network uses a different and sophisticated as needed, including

    For personal purposes (residential units)
    Trade and industry (hotels - factories - ....)
    Public services (hospitals - public buildings - ...)

Water distribution methods
Distribution by regression
Distribution by tanks and pumps

Water is distributed to the various users in several ways, including

    Distribution by regression.

Any benefit from طوبغرافية the ground in network design

    Distribution by pumps.
    Distribution by storage.

Create tanks or high ground, where these tanks provide high pressure water distribution.

    Distribution by road the previous three combined.

Network components

    Water treatment plant.
    Or pumping station pumps.
    Overhead cabinets or floor.
    The main feeder lines.

Movement of large quantities of water pumping stations or reservoirs to a certain part of the area in which you intend to create a network.

    Sub-feeding lines.

Transporting water from the main feeder lines to all areas of the city.

    Small distribution lines.

Movement of water from the laterals to users.


You adjust the pressure as needed or to turn off the water.
Distribution pipes
Concrete water pipe.jpg

There are several types of pipes (tubes) used in water distribution networks and vary depending on the components.

    Conditions to be met in the pipe

    High capacity to withstand external pressures and internal.
    High resistance to corrosion.
    The ability to withstand different temperatures.

    2. Types of pipes

    Metal tubes
    Concrete pipes
    Plastics pipes


Distribution networks require water to Amlilt the regular maintenance and specialized supply only to maintain the network of factors wastage and maximize the use of the network.

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