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Basins and maintenance methods

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Basins and maintenance methods

All docks involved in the presence of surplus slot connected to the drain hole. Either Discharge. They relate to the main drainage network through the trap odors (elbow).
There are many designs of the elbow., It may be a pipe of Lead or blastic 2 inches in diameter on the U-shaped. Exist in below stopper the wiring. This may be a plastic elbow. Awalnhac coated. Awasalb the structural work (siphon Bowl). But no different design these types too.
The common faults in the drainage basins. They are having the helm. Or difficulty in the wash water discharge.
The first reform methods is to use (lashes wiring). In an attempt to shift the source of COPD to the foreign exchange pipe. To ensure the effective lashes wiring. You can use a wet piece of cloth stuck with the other hand. Tightly and placed in the overflow outlet. And presses the lashes stick wiring several times until the removal of COPD from its place. And if it continues to drain blockage. It can use one chemical detergents, which can be purchased from specialty shops. And usually Maidkhal in the manufacture of these Almtzvat caustic soda. Maajb keep it away from the reach of children. And Alarcharat tracking their use and commonly found on the box.
But if the blockage continues after that, must decode the elbow to hold the wiring process. The method varies according to the form of jaw elbow. And take a bucket. Or a bowl under the elbow Before you make the jaw.
In the case of the lead elbow. May be Tabh of Ras pistol In this case using key Faransawy. And the jaw in the counter-clockwise direction. If the wings can be used Screwdriver or use ratio.
In the case of the plastic Veraay elbow do not use any tools during jaw Installation the terms of that cup (siphonBowl) riding and lifting the hand. If the shaped (U) tied  2Connecting nut a when ends Untangled both 2Connecting nut, then take off Alordtan of Alsamolten. And pulls the elbow (stopcock smells) and cleans well. And then re-installed.
If the blockage is not in the elbow. You can use the wire spiral (zippers snake) to remove the embankment. And it paid in the direction of the exchange.
In both cases the previous two open water to clean the siphon tubes. As well as Bowl. Which May be of impurities causing blockage. And re-installation of Bowl temporarily to test the passage of wastewater. And if there is no water flow easily. In this case uses a solenoid wire (Zipper Iiaan). Where it is pushed in the direction of flow of wastewater and roll until it is loosening (worried) Any gatherings of waste inside the pipes. The wire can be used instead of flexible wire spiral. Are then installation Tabh or Bowl complex final and testing water disposal

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